In today’s world you must be able to communicate with your audience on many levels; you must inform, educate and share experiences. One thing you should remember is, “People no longer get information from a single source”.

The publication’s editorial aim is consistent, with a passion for exploring what is vibrant, serious, and fun. To bring the world, in all its complexity, into sharper view with sophistication & artistically visual photography.

No other publication (via Web, Print or Mobile) comes close to offering you several areas of advertising as Focus of New York. You can target your message to a huge universe of people that are interested in knowing more about your product or service. The online presence of the magazine is intensely focused, and rich with content from Designers, Artist, Culinary Specialist, Professionals, Entertainers and is perfect for everyone who enjoys fresh ideas for living that encourages you to relish in every moment.

What is most important to us is your brand’s message. No other publication within the New York Metro region offers a board spectrum of features at a single cost-effective price that makes sense to your bottom line. You have the ability to not only direct your message within your local area, but within other areas of interest. You also, receive the ability and reach within our family of other publications in Virginia (www, and Southwest Florida (

Focus of New York delivers your message to several major forms of delivery including print, digital print, web, mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) and video. You will reach all types of potential customers by spreading your campaign dollars over more platforms to achieve results that just cannot be delivered by print alone.

What makes Focus of New York so special? Our unique combination of in-depth profiles and numerous informative columns makes Focus Magazine of New York the only publication to cover all aspects of diversity throughout our regional area.

This is what sets us apart from being more than just a magazine. With so many great features, it’s not hard to see why Focus of New York is such a great value for your advertising dollars!

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